Pets of the week


  • Breed: Domestic Short Hair
  • Age: 1 year 8 months
  • Color: Gray/Orange
  • Sex: female
We’re going to give Empurress another chance to find love as Cat of the Week. Believe it or not, no one has applied to adopt her. She has one question for all of you: “Can you see me?” She’s starting to wonder if she’s invisible. We just cannot figure out why Empurress is constantly overlooked. It’s become a topic of daily conversation at the shelter, and we’re all left scratching our heads. This is one fantastic kitty, and she is trying so hard to get adopter’s attention. A couple weeks ago she literally climbed into a visitor’s purse, in hopes she would be taken home. Every time we take a carrier into her colony she instantly jumps into it. Every day she sits by the door of her condo trying to catch eyes. She is the first cat to run up and greet new comers. What more can Empurress do? We have nothing negative to say about her. She is purr-fect. Loves people, attention, other cats, she’s super friendly, absolutely beautiful, neat, tidy…the list goes on. This week let’s use our collective powers to help her find the family she has waited almost 300 days for. If Empurress can find her furever family by close of business on Saturday her adoption fee will be waived, thanks to our sponsor State Farm Insurance.


  • Breed: Hound/Pointer, mix
  • Age: 3 years 4 months
  • Color: Tricolor
  • Sex: male

Let’s get one thing straight, it’s hard being big. Just ask Rocco, the largest guy at HSCC. He wants to be a lap dog, but he’s 96lbs. Because of his size, everything is more complicated for this guy, from sitting on the couch to going for a casual walk. He tries so hard to be good, but when you’re big the smallest tug on the leash takes on new meaning. How many times has he settled for sitting on the floor, because he just can’t comfortably sit on furniture. It’s tough. And on top of all of that, most people want little dogs, so even though he’s sitting in the kennel showing off his best manners adopters just walk right by. But we know there are families out there that dig big dog love, and Rocco has got plenty to share. He’s full of energy, and loves to play outside. Toys and treats are his favorite, especially peanut butter. He’s kind of addicted. Rocco even knows a couple commands. He can sit pretty with the best of them, and shakes hands like a gentleman. Rocco will need to be an only child. He thinks cats are for chasing and other dogs are not really his thing. He would be an ideal pet for a family without children, or with older kids (like teenagers). Can a big guy get some love? If you have space in your heart and home visit Rocco this week at the Hickory shelter. If Rocco can find his furever family by close of business on Saturday his adoption fee will be waived, thanks to our sponsor State Farm Insurance.