HSCC wants to remind everyone to remember their outdoor family during especially hot days of summer. Please be sure to provide plenty of fresh, clean water and make sure your pets have a shaded space in the cool grass, or keep them indoors when it’s extremely hot. A puppy pool is great to have for cooling too. Hot concrete and pavement can easily burn paw pads, test the temperature with your own palms before deciding it’s safe to go for a walk, and limit walking times to earlier in the morning and later in the evening. Never leave pets, even for a quick minute with the windows down, in a car or truck. Leaving the windows slightly open does not significantly decrease the heating rate.
Here is how quickly a car can heat up in 80-degree weather:
• 99 degrees in 10 minutes
• 109 degrees in 20 minutes
• 114 degrees in 30 minutes
• 118 degrees in 40 minutes
• 120 degrees in 50 minutes
• 123 degrees in 60 minutes
(Source: National Weather Service)

And always be certain to have proper identification on your pets, as unexpected storms and summer festivities can lead to frightened, lost pets.

HSCC is offering $15 microchips every Monday all summer long. A microchip is the best form of pet identification. It is very important that pet owners keep their microchip contact information updated in order to properly reunite the lost dog or cat with their owner. Unlike identification tags on collars, which can sometimes be lost or removed, microchipping is a permanent source of pet identification.  When lost or stray pets are scanned by an animal organization or business, such as animal shelters or veterinary clinics, these identification chips are able to provide the owner’s contact information.

Visit either shelter on Mondays between noon-4pm for $15 microchips and bring paperwork proof of a current rabies vaccination. No appointment is necessary. For more information call 828-464-8878 during regular business hours, Monday- Saturday 11am-6pm.