Starting this Fall the Hickory shelter will begin the process of replacing the floor. This project will be one of the biggest challenges our shelter has ever faced, and will need to be completed in sections. Stage one will take place in our dog kennel area – A Run. This is the part of our shelter that the public visits. So what does this mean? All dogs from this area will need to temporarily be moved to another location. Anything that is not stationary in this area will need to be removed, this includes the kennel fencing and doors. Our shelter will remain open while these renovations take place. From start to finish this process will take up to two weeks. The second phase of this process will be our B,C,D and surgery kennel areas which will occur approximately six months after the first installation. Phase 3 will be our E kennel areas, and the all cat areas. As you can imagine this is a HUGE undertaking for our facility. Not just logistically, but financially. In total this project will cost $100,000! More than ever we need support and understanding from our community. You can help by adopting, becoming a short-term foster family for one of our pups, or making a financial contribution to HSCC today!


The demands placed on our shelter from the almost overwhelming amount of animals in our care (831 at last count) renewed our commitment to recruiting new foster families. At the beginning of May we begin campaigning on social media to let the public know of our need. Our efforts have been successful, and we are seeing new fosters come in each week. Every Friday on facebook (#FosterFriday) we feature animals in need of foster housing. These pets can range widely, from kittens who are too young for spay/neuter surgery, to dogs who could benefit from some time outside of the shelter environment. These featured pets are selected by Cheyenne Shew, our Foster Coordinator. Cheyenne joined our team last Fall as a Kennel Technician. Her love for the animals in our care made her the perfect fit for this position. Cheyenne is passionate about working with our foster families, and ensuring that they have a terrific experience. She welcomes new families and holds their hand as they walk though their first foster. She’s in the business of setting people up for success, pairing the right pets for each families unique situation. If you are interested in fostering for HSCC, Cheyenne would love to meet you. To get started email her at to discuss your options and learn more about our program.